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Sara Miles on Steve Brown Etc!

My favorite conservative Calvinists at Steve Brown Etc. interview my favorite über-progressive Episcopalian Sara Miles, author of the riveting and life-changing memoir Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion. She’s a journalist, foodie, Eucharistic adventurer and food pantry guerrilla peacemaker. You should listen to Sara and Steve’s dialogue – and indeed you should be listening to SBE in general.

Links for Sara & related:

Sara’s page on Anglimergent

St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church (they have an incredible sermon archive)

The Food Pantry facilitator for open-source food pantries nationwide…start one this month!

All Saints Company an alt.worship resource group started by the founders of St. Gregory’s

Other podcasts with Sara:

Nick & Josh

PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

NPR’s This I Believe

The California Report

The Kindlings Muse

CKUT Radio

WNYC Radio with Brian Lehrer

Psychjourney Audio Book Club

(any I’m missing?)

Thoughts on “The Homeless”

I have three friends and neighbors here in Raleigh who happen to be without homes–Ricky, Ray, and Vernon. They’ve formed a kind of intentional(/necessary) community in a secluded spot of nearby woods where state agencies and local law enforcement won’t harass them. When I can we go out for lunch, or talk about the weather (a pretty vital topic for them), or I give them back issues of magazines I’ve written for.

Recently, I’ve joined a homelessness coalition on Facebook. It’s pretty popular, with over 500 members. Many of them, though, seem to be calculatingly indifferent to the problems faced by many of our nation’s homeless. They say “Trying to help these people is all well and good, but alot of them are @$$holes and just plain crazy.” Here’s what I said on a public forum today in response:

Yep, the mentally unstable homeless population exploded once Reagan closed down state-sponsored mental asylums in the 1980s…the proud tradition continues! The point is, we’re all connected–our bright shiny members of society and the ones we’d just rather forget about. It’s easy to love the lovable and those who ‘know their place,’ but what happens when we want to serve and we’re *treated* like servants? This is the real test of our spiritual/political will. Let’s dive in and get uncomfortable…

“Homeless Christ” Copyright © 2005 Deb Hoeffner, Used with permission.

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