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My Wife – Cooking Up A Feast of Words

My friend of 10 years and wife of 1.9, mother of our gorgeous and quirky little almost-four-month-old, is an amazing cook. And a better writer than me. Continue reading ‘My Wife – Cooking Up A Feast of Words’

Radio Nowhere

In an unlikely HT to both Doug and Steve, I’ve found this amazing video from Springsteen and the E Street Band’s upcoming album, MagicContinue reading ‘Radio Nowhere’

Loving the Bible, Part Two: Creativity is ‘Holy’ Writ, Large

Psalm 92 (Re-Imagined)

1 It is good to give thanks to Adonai,
To make much of Your glorious reputation;
2 To publish word of Your grace by daylight,
And Your loyalty ’til the
midnight hour;
3 On parchment and in hypertext,
In prose and spoken word.

4 For you, Adonai, have turned me into an avid reader;
Your Story has me turning life’s pages in joyful anticipation.

5 What an awesome storyline, Adonai!
How layered are your plots!
6 The un-nuanced don’t know,
The hack critics just don’t get it;

7 Pop-bestsellers waste entire forests
While widening the wardrobes of one-book-wonder-writers.
But their books (so-called) are destined for the bargain bins—the recycling bins,

8 While your Story, Adonai, is an enduring classic.

9 The characters who try to sabotage your loving subplots
Will meet untimely ends;
Their Injustice League will be disbanded.

10 You have imbued me with the strength of the animal kingdom,
And have deputized me a super-hero before you.

11 I don’t need super-sight to see my foes’ downfall,
Or super-hearing to hear my assailant’s doom.

12 The strength of the just flourishes like palm trees in nice weather,
They grow deeply-rooted like cedars in

13 Planted firm in the dwelling place of Adonai,
Organic life flourishes in the soil of God’s courtyard.

14 Ancient trees will still produce fresh fruit,
Green and brimming with their life-giving energies.

15 If trees could talk they’d say Adonai is good and fair,
The embodiment of unadulterated, Rock-solid justice.

Continue reading ‘Loving the Bible, Part Two: Creativity is ‘Holy’ Writ, Large’

Loving the Bible, Part One: Fresh Expressions

I’m going to blog about Scripture 2-3 times this week, and then by weekend hopefully write a bit more about my travels in Virginia last week and some exciting anti-slavery happenings in the Triangle area.

Ah, the Bible. 66-83 sacred texts (depending on your canon), comprising one volume, the most-owned and least-read piece of literature in the Western world. “Breathed” by God, written by people, transmitted in a variety of mediums throughout the ages–I love the Bible, and have grown to appreciate it (and wrestle with it) more and more the older I get, even as its significance and use in my life (and the life of my church community) has kaleidescoped as the years go on.

One way in which we, as the Christian family, continue to express our engagement with and delight for Scripture is through fresh translations and Bible publishing projects. There is a lot of debate over “formal” versus “dynamic” equivalence in translating Scripture into contemporary living languages–some say do it word-for-word and others, idea for idea. Most contemporary Bible-readers, though, utilize a variety of translations (and thus, translation schools), and for different reasons, ranging from scholarly to devotional. I like to think of dynamic equivalence renderings as contextualized, incarnational, in-the-moment responses of worship to God, made public for the benefit of a longing humanity. With this in mind two projects in process now are worth raving about… Continue reading ‘Loving the Bible, Part One: Fresh Expressions’

Higher Ground for Jena Tensions?

The world and the blogosphere have been abuzz recently about a racial infraction that seems to have hit an archetypal nerve: A small Louisiana town, a “white’s only” tree in a high schoolyard, black students desiring parity and being threatened with nooses hanging in the tree. A rupture of deep-seated tensions, fights break out, white students get slapped on the wrist and black students get charged with attempted murder and thrown in jail.

As a human being, as a friend/follower of Jesus, and as someone married to an African-American woman, I am appalled by what happened in Jena, Louisiana. If you’ve been under a rock the past several weeks, you can review what’s been happening here. See also this informative (slightly dated, but in a good way–you’ll see) bit of guerrilla journalism from Philebrity TV (HT: Pilgrimguide):

I am glad that concerned people of all ethnicities have taken to the streets of Jena and are calling for justice. And yet as I observe what’s happening, I wish there was a higher way.   Continue reading ‘Higher Ground for Jena Tensions?’


I’m back from Virginia! In the morning I’ll post some thoughts–on strategic foresight, the Jena 6, and more…promise!

Nothing But the Blood: Johnny’s Response (+ Sweet Virginia)

So we’ve been having a rip-roaring discussion about ways of understanding and resonating with Jesus’ atonement this past week–I apologize to those who have intereacted with me in private emails and discussion lists about this, as I was barely able to keep up with the public comments section on the blog! I will be revisiting these, and probably asking many of you permission to quote your thoughts either “on” or “off” the record.

But for now, the instigator and my friend, Johnny, has written a response of his own. Check it out.  He brings together passages of Holy Writ which–as Bob Hyatt opined–“It’s not just a particular reading of the certain Pauline passages that get you to substitution. I mean, c’mon, folks…”

So…those of us who feel that the story we tell about “sacrifice” and “propitiation” is out of sync with Scripture’s compelling “minority report” and God’s movements of salvation history today…how do we celebrate and embrace these passages?

For the next several days–probably most of this week–I’ll be taking a bit of a back seat and reading what you have to say, marveling at your generous spirits and collective wisdom. I’m serious friends, I have the best readers so far. In what could have been a very nasty comments section, we’ve actually evidenced Christ’s grace and working in our lives by the tone of our comments. I am edified by this.

Why won’t I be so quick on the uptake myself?

Because in the morning (by the time you’re reading this) I am in the air, on my way to Regent with Jay Gary and Frank Spencer to hang out, learn, and be part of a symposium with public policy futurist Graham Molitor. So if I do blog, it’ll be about that.

And I’m pretty sure I will be blogging the week, so stay tuned! See ya in cyberspace…

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