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Projects, Projects, Projects!

It’s been a long time, been a long time…sorry, no real entry here. Just…hello! How’s it going? The three of you who (might) read this. I think you already know what’s been up with my life, so this will probably be redundant…anyway, here goes…

I’ve been working as an office assistant and PR guy at a chiropractor’s office since August…it is challenging and rewarding works. The husband-wife couple, Drs. Phil and Bridget, really care about our community and want to see everyone “subluxation”-free, which means removing life-endangering interference from the nervous system via a specific adjustment. If you want to know more about chiropractic let me know; I’d be happy to tell you about it and recommend a reputable chiropractor in your area.

What else, what else? I’m helping an author, who shall remain nameless, edit his forthcoming novel; I am collaborating with another on a different project, and someone else is helping me edit the book I’m writing. Furthermore, this other guy is going to be redesigning and retooling Philip and I’s site. Oh, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did a story about me in September. So yipee. Lotsa creative stuff, which makes me happy.  Continue reading ‘Projects, Projects, Projects!’

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