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NT Wright & Cookie Monster Square Off on Colbert

So here’s the NT Wright clip from the Colbert report for some reason, Comedy Central and/or WordPress won’t let me embed the clip; it’s not as easy as YouTube, folks; any techies out there wanna give me the cut-and-paste-secret, leave me a comment.

…I’d recommend watching the whole episode here – it’s best to take Wright in context, as he shares this episode with none other than Cookie Monster. Colbert is funny as always, though you can tell he appreciates Wright, he’s a bit ‘softball’ – the good Bishop Tom, for his part, is affable and even occasionally funny, but its easy to see the inherent limitations of satirical TV as a medium for discussing ‘serious’ theology. Nonetheless an intriguing entree into a vital area of Christian spirituality – what is the nature of resurrection? Of New Heavens and Earth? Parousia and eschatology? While I differ with Wright in some key areas, I credit him more than anyone else living for bringing this conversation to the forefront of popular consciousness today. One could hardly hope for a better conversation partner. You go, NT!

NT Wright on the Colbert Report Tomorrow

This just in from the man himself:

“Bishop Nicholas Thomas Wright of Durham wants us to take a good look at what we think happens when we die. Is it heaven? Where do we go? His latest book, ‘Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church,’ explores Western religious thinking and confusion about the afterlife. The Bishop has served as Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and has taught the New Testament for two decades at Cambridge, McGill, and Oxford Universities.” – No Fact Zone (HT: Becky Garrison)

NT Wright, funny? Yes, he had us in stitches at Soularize. If you get Comedy Central, tune in tomorrow night, Thursday June 19 at 11:30 p.m. EST. Otherwise, watch this space and I’ll see if I can’t troll around for some clips…

Stay tuned.

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