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Creative ROM Funding Idea

So folks have been following my whole-health journey this year, and my recent report of losing 13 pounds of fat since beginning with the ROM. One refrain I’m hearing from some friends is “The ROM is clearly amazing, but it’s so [insert expletive] expensive!” And I hear you: Nearly $14,615 ain’t cheap. But what if there could be a way to enjoy ROMulicious personal results, and have a recession-busting turnkey small business to boot? It seems that there is.

Enter the QuickGym. I’d heard about these since first investigating the ROM, from the man himself. These are gyms whose sole equipment is the ROM – sometimes one, sometimes a few. They’re usually located near high-traffic areas, like grocery stores, where people are anyway. QuickGym owners offer complimentary one-week workout specials, confident that properly-coached users will appreciate the efficiency of a four-minute workout. Looking at different QuickGyms areound the country, it seems that they then charge between $20 and $70 monthly membership – paying off that ROM and making a profit to boot.

They’re all over the place – in Salt Lake City, Mansfield, MACalifornia in places like Pasadena (of course) – three in Albuquerque, even one in Alaska! Not to mention Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee and Virgina. (Check ’em out.) They’re also being set up in workplaces as a way to cut down on health insurance claims (and increasing premiums).

The question is, is there one in your area? If not, what are you waiting for? Inquire about franchise opportunities here or here. ROM on!

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