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Three Comic Book Artists Wanted!

Update: This Artist has now been found. Thank you for your interest!

…or it could be one, I suppose, really diverse artist. I’ll probably need a letterer too. Here’s what’s for: A book I’m wrapping up, a Christian spirituality book, a kind’ve memoir-ish title with some far-out ideas. I’ve decided that I want three comic-book interludes, in three distinct styles. They’d be 4-6 pages each in length. I’m not rolling in dough or anything but I’m willing to pay (flat fee) a competitive rate. We can negotiate whether you’d keep the originals; I’d probably want to hold onto at least a page of each, with “first buyers’ rights” on the rest.

Okay, here are the three styles I’m looking for:

Style One: An indie comix Daniel Clowes style.

Gynecology, pg #13 (from 8 Ball #17) - click for larger image

Or Evan Dorkin:

by Evan Dorkin

Or maybe even Paul Pope:

P City Parade, by Paul Pope
…anyone who can carry and make interesting ordinary conversation with splashes of magic realism, in black & white.

Style Two: Manga!

I want to do something fun and flashy for this one interlude. You don’t have to be Tintin Pantoja

…and it won’t be as in-your-face as this:

…Jesus will be making an appearance.

Style Three: Chick Tract!

This one could be the most fun, a satire/tribute to the most incendiary “Christian” comics of all time. I’ll be summing up the message of my book in a kind’ve self-deprecating, ironic way vis-a-vis the Chick style.

Page 9

So there you have it: Three styles, short stories, we’d write ‘em “Marvel style.” If you’re interested drop me an email at zoecarnate [ampersand] gmail [dot] com and we’ll talk details–you show me your portfolio, I’ll show you my manuscript, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other. Feel free to post this link around the web and help drum up interest. I’m looking to commission this work around December. It’s gonna be an awesome book.

(Note: I didn’t mean for this to be a re-publish; its just as well, though, as I’m narrowing my search. New content coming soon!)

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