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The Littlest Chiropractic Patient

– my daughter, at North Raleigh Chiropractic. Keep up with Dr. Joe on Twitter @drjoeharris.

Medieval Torture or Spinal Rejuvenation?

TortureIn addition to ROMming for my exercise, I’ve been on the lookout for potentially related natural services or vistas being offered that aid others on their whole-health journeys. One I kept on hearing about was the Spinal Rejuvenation Table, something that would relieve disc pressure and aid the healing and relaxation of old discs. Having received chiropractic care since childhood (with no serious injuries sustained), my low-back is in great shape – but I was curious as to what the experience might be for others. I asked Dr. Joe Harris at North Raleigh Chiropractic if I could film a Spinal Rejuvenation procedure & speak to a patient about their experience. He agreed, and we found a patient brave enough to be a YouTube star. This is the result:

I became pretty interested in the procedure myself, and underwent my own session. (I filmed it, but the tripod positioned my camera in the wrong place so it cut off most of the procedure. Alas, this film shall never see the light of day) My experience is much like that of the patient’s I interviewed: It feels uncomfortable at first, but then strangely right. Afterward, I felt a definite difference in my spine – a certain ‘lightness.’ I won’t be continuing Spinal Rejuvenation therapy in Raleigh as we’re moving this summer, but when I get to Atlanta, who knows?

Am I Well-Adjusted?

Before you utter a chorus of unequivocal “no!s,” let me clarify that I’m talking about chiropractic adjustment! Here’s a video of a typical chiropractic maintenence adjustement. What I mean by this is, the best chiropractors (in my opinion anyway) are those who are subluxation-focused and specialize in corrective care. They typically take X-rays to monitor progress objectively. Dr. Joe Harris of North Raleigh Chiropractic is all of the above, which is why my family & I see him. He helped Jasmin have a quick and relatively pain-free pregnancy, we have greatly reduced allergies and overall better well-being. If you’re in the Triangle are, I highly recommend you give him a call at 845-0200.

Now get out the popcorn & enjoy what looks like him breaking my neck. 🙂

Do I Really Need to ‘Lose Weight’? am happy to report that, since using the ROM, I’ve lost at least seven pounds.

Alas, you know what they say about statistics. The same can be said about correlation and causation; I’m afraid this rapid weight loss was more due to me (and indeed my whole family) being very sick last week. Purge-O-Rama!

But is what I’m doing in my journey toward health best framed as ‘weight loss’ anyway? ROM manufacturer Alf Temme (ahem) weighs in:

There is additional advice that we give with the ROM. When you start on an exercise program that is meant for losing fat then ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO ON A DIET AT THE SAME TIME. In fact a calorie restricted diet will worsen your fat problem.

When you are saying that you are about 50 pounds overweight I have news for you. You are most likely 70 to 75 pounds overweight on FAT and about 20 to 25 pounds UNDERWEIGHT on MUSCLE. The word OVERWEIGHT should be stricken from the English language because it misinforms and misleads people about their problem. The reason why people get fat is because they have lost muscle first. Every pound of muscle will metabolize between 5 and 90 calories per 24 hours. It will minimum metabolize 5 calories and more depending on whether it is used to perform work and how hard it is used. Losing a pound of muscle (not maintaining it, use it or lose it) will cause at least a loss of metabolism of about 1800 calories in one year. Those 1800 calories equal the calories contained in half a pound of fat. This would result then in that you will burn half a pound less fat per year. The process of gaining fat can be slower or faster depending of how fast and how much muscle you lose. If you operate a computer all day and do not much else you will lose muscle very quickly and will accumulate fat in rapid fashion.

Going on a calorie restricted diet worsen the muscle loss problem even though it can cause some of the fat storage to decline temporarily, only to increase faster after you return to normal eating habits and it result in more fat than before starting on the diet. If you are interested I can elaborate about what to do about your eating habits when you start using the ROM. Surprisingly you should do the opposite from what people believe they should do to get rid of their fat. You actually have to start off the day with a carbohydrate breakfast.

75 pounds overweight on fat, how delightful. But that just means I’ve been building up a secret cadre of muscle these past several weeks! Ready to strike at a moments notice. Coming tomorrow: My first ROM workout video!

ROM: Weigh-In & Body Fat

So I went to my chiropractor, Dr. Joe Harris, at North Raleigh Chiropractic to get my pre-ROM weigh-in. Yikes! You’ll see what my weight is; an all-time high.

Then Dr. Joe takes my body fat measurements, with me filming (read: mixed results). We also tour around a bit NRC‘s state-of-the-art new facility.

Coming next: my first actual ROM workout videos! And the results of my body-fat analysis.

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