Faith. Hope. And Love. (A Syncroblog)


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3 Responses to “Faith. Hope. And Love. (A Syncroblog)”

  1. 1 Lee Wyatt February 3, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    Faith, hope and love – how to bring such a platitude to life in the 21st century? How about in the context of relationships? relationships are central to the longings and leanings of many contemporary folks. I suggest we re-contextualize faith, hope, and love in relational terms. They then might look like this:

    1. faith is the kind of trust in God and one another that causes us to “linger.” Yes, “linger.” Faith in a highly relational (at least in theory) setting reorders our priorities such that we have time for God and one another to meet, greet, eat, and treat others as the significant indeed unique others God created them to be. That goes double for the great “Other” who created us to be like him (“in God’s image”). To “linger” with others is to show respect for the worth and value God has placed on humankind and to place ourselves in position to discover our co-humanity and the kind of relationships (both human and divine) that truly liberate and transform!

    2. Hope in a relational mode suggests “listening.” Availability (“Lingering”) by itself is not enough. Our presence with each other also needs to intentional. “Listening” suggests hope because it exhibits an expectation that the relationship established through being intentionally attentive will be fruitful and not futile, meaningful not meaningless. Again, this is true for a relationship with others and with God.

    3. Finally, availability and intentionality only come to fruition when seasoned with vulnerability, the willingness to “learn” from the other. This openness to being changed by the Other or the others is love. Vulnerability and openness to the other is in the strange alchemy of God the “formula” that sets transformation loose in the world.

    Faith, hope, and love – lingering, listening, learning, as with Paul’s triad so with my relational translation, love or learning is the greatest of them – God’s liberating, transformative power in action through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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